Spa Menu and Prices

Spa Menu and Prices 

At this page we presents out treatments
Body Massages
Facial Treatments
Ammata Spas´ Spa-Packages 

Body Massages 

Massage of Head, Back and Shoulder Massage for Stress Relief (with oil)  

A deep tissue massage using pressure points and stretching techniques to get to specific problem areas on head, back and shoulders. The massage releases tension, increase vitality and flexibility and creates wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

Head, Back and Shoulder Massage 30 min 59 €
Head, Back and Shoulder Massage 45 min 69 € 

Traditional Thai Massage 

Traditional Thai massage has been used for 2500 years in traditional Thai medicine. Thai massage combines elements of yoga, shiatsu and acupressure. During the massage the masseur works with the energy pathways of the body and the therapy points thought to be located along the energy lines. The massage consists of an overall manipulation of your body, using body positions and stretching. Recommended for personens in need of a deep massage.

Traditional Thai Massage 60 min 79 €
Traditional Thai Massage 90 min 99 €
Traditional Thai Massage 120 min 139 €

Thai Herbal Massage with Herbal Compresses (without oil)  

Enjoy a Thai massage followed by a treatment where pouch of steamed Thai herbs is pressed against the body meridians. These herbs are said to be particularly good for sore muscle, aches, increase blood circulation, and toning the skin. The herbs helps to reduce pain jamming of the joints, the tissues to expand and to increase the blood flow.  

Thai Massage with Herbal Hot Compress 60 min 89€
Thai Massage with Herbal Hot Compress 90 min 119€

Thai Massage Remedy 

Beneficial for:
– pain in the back, neck and shoulders
– head ache, migraine, tightness in the neck and shoulders (office syndrome, work with computer)
– pain and weakness in the arms
– knee ache, leg pain and cramping legs
– sore hips
Kotchanika, Sarinprat and Sirikan offers Remedy Treatments.

  • Back, Neck, Shoulder Remedy with Thai Balm 45 min  79 €
  • Back, Neck, Shoulder Remedy with Thai Balm 60 min  99 €
  • Back, Neck, Shoulder Remedy with Thai Balm & Herbal 60 min 109 €
  • Back, Neck, Shoulder Remedy with Thai Balm & Herbal 90 min 139 €
  • Thai Massage Remedy 60 min 99 €
  • Thai Massage Remedy 90 min 119 €
  • Thai Massage Remedy 120 min 159 €
  • Thai Massage Remedy and Herbal Hot Compress 60 min 109 €
  • Thai Massage Remedy and Herbal Hot Compress 90 min 139 €
  • Thai Massage Remedy and Herbal Hot Compress 120 min 174 €

Massage for Mothers (massage without oil) 

Pregnancy give rise to changes in your body and can cause a variety of aches and strains. Mama massage techniques help relieve various tensions. 

Prenatal Massage 45 min 75€
Prenatal Massage 60 min 89€  

Aromatic Hot Stone Massage 

Hot stone massage with smooth heated stones. The warm stones makes the treatment more effective. Velvety smooth, warm rocks feel wonderful on the skin. This treatment is sheer pampering from start to finish. Heated volcanic stones, coupled with warm massage oils are being used to release tensions, nervous fatigue and create a positive flow in the body.

Hot Stone Massage with Oil 60 min 99€
Hot Stone Massage with Oil 90 min 129€  

Foot Reflexology 62 Point Massage 

Recommended not to eat 4 hours before foot reflexology 62 point treatment  

Foot reflexology 62 point massage 60 min 89 €

Foot Relaxing Massage 

An ancient “Thai foot massage” based on the belief that the body contains constantly flowing energy. The feet are regarded as mirrors of the body; treatment aims to re-energize, relax and stimulate the body’s own self-healing powers as well as to re-establish the body’s natural state of balance. Avoid during pregnancy and after heavy alcohol intake. Recommended not to eat 2 hours before foot relax massage.  

Foot Relaxing Massage 45 min 69€
Foot Relaxing Massage 60 min 79€ 

Thai Herbal Steam Sauna 

Thai herbal steam sauna is a steaming treatment using herbs in the steam. It is believed to soften the skin, help cleansing the body from impurities and relaxing the muscles. The treatment is usually followed by a cold plunge or a shower. The herbs help to increase the flow of blood, relieves pain, help the tissue to expand and can also improve your sleep.

Thai Herbal Sauna and Short Massage with Oil 60 min 79€

Indian Head Massage (massage with coconut oil) 

A treatment based on the ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years. It provides Indian families relaxation and healing on a daily basis. Indian Head Massage plays a part in rituals such as weddings and births, not to mention being a part of visiting a barber.

Indian Head Massage 30 min  59 €
Indian Head Massage 45 min 69 €

Sport Massage (with elements oil) 

Spot massage help to relieve muscle tension, improves blood circulation and unblocks energy flow.
A combination of deep going techniques, mixed with traditional Swedish massage and aroma. During the massage the masseur uses the palms, heels and elbows with long stork following the energy lines of the body in order to restore a balanced flow. The treatment includes a series of body stretches along the meridians passages.   

Sport Massage 60 min 79€
Sport Massage 90 min 99€  

Classical Massage (with elements oil) 

The term classical refers to a variety of techniques especially designed to relax muscles by applying pressure against deeper muscles and bones, and rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart.

Classical Massage 60 min 79€
Classical Massage 90 min 99€

Aroma Therapy Massage (with elements oil) 

Aroma therapy has been practiced in in one form or another since the beginning of the civilization. It is the art of using oils extracted from aromatic flowers, herbs, spices, woods and fibbers to enhance health and beauty. With a special selection of seven specially blended oils, using the combination of ancient Thai and specific Asian massage techniques.

Aroma Therapy Massage 60 min 79€
Aroma Therapy Massage 90 min 99€

Aroma Therapy Massage 120 min 139€   

Balinese Massage (with elements oil) 

Pamper yourself with a spiritually and physically restoring Balinese massage which dates back many thousands of years. Developed in Bali, Indonesia, yet drawing its roots from traditional Chinese massage and Indian ayurvedic therapy, therapeutic combination of long, gliding movements will comfort and relax your muscles. 

Balinese Massage 60 min 79€
Balinese Massage 90 min 99€





Aroma Oil Massage and Herbal Compress (with elements oil) 

A perfect combination of two ancient therapeutic aromatic oil massage – the oil is extracted from a compressed ball of natural herbs and combined with aromatherapy massage oil. The oil penetrates deeply into muscles promoting wellbeing by refreshing and revitalizing the mind and body and helping the healing process for muscle stresses and strains. The Thai herbal massage compresses one of Thailand’s traditional massage tools, which have been widely used since ancient times. The herbal ball is a cotton bag filled with more than ten varieties of Thai herbs. This massage is uniquely designed to improve muscular tone and imparts a feeling of total relaxation by using a Thai signature herbal massage therapy with hot oil to sooth away accumulated tension and stress.

Aroma Oil Massage and Herbal Compress 60 min 89€
Aroma Oil Massage and Herbal Compress 90 min 119€

Child Aroma Oil Relax Massage
Aroma Oil Relax Age 4-12-year 30 min 49€
Aroma Oil Relax Age 4-12-year 45 min 69€

Facial Treatments with Marzia Clinic 100% Vegetabilic Products 







Moisturizing ChromoAroma Treatment  

Functional ingredients such as Cactus, Tamarind, Avocado, Camomille and Beesvax,  enhanced by the stimulating oxygen molecular complex, nourish the skin, with an effective emollient and refreshing activity, protecting the skin from agents external.

Basic 60 min 79 €
Deep 90 min 119 €
Intensive 90 min 119 €
Shibui 90 min 119 €

Anti-Time ChromoAroma Treatment 

The treatment exploits properties of functional ingredients such as Anis, Ginseng, Horsetail and fine oils, such as Argan and Borage, to hydrate the skin and reduce the signs of ageing. 

Basic 60 min 79 €
Deep 90 min 119 €
Intensive 90 min 119 €
Shibui 90 min 119 €

Equilibrating ChromoAroma Treatment 

For Oily Skin. The seeds of Argan are able to control and reduce the production of sebum, Limo del Brenta absorbs excess sebum, Hamamelis, Echinacea and Camomile exerting astringent, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Thus, these functional ingredients help you find the perfect dermo balance.

Basic 60 min 79 €
Deep 90 min 119 €
Intensive 90 min 119 €
Shibui 90 min 119  €

Purifying (Acne) CromoAroma Treatment 

The brewers´s yast to strengthen the antimicrobial system and promote the healing, the Green Clay to absorb excess sebum, the Larch Mushroom to reduce the number and size of the pores, Propolis, Hamamelis and Camomile with their antibiotic, astringent and ant-inflammatory properties.

Basic 60 min 79 €
Deep 90 min 119 €
Intensive 90 min 119 €
Shibui 90 min 119 € 

Sensitive Skin ChromoAroma Treatment  

Eliminate redness and itching, protect and nouriches the skin, soothes, refreshes, improves the functioning of the capillaries and put in place an effective anti-inflammatory action: these are the results that achieve the functional ingredients included in the treatment, 100% vegetable.

Basic 60 min 79 €
Deep 90 min 119 €
Intensive 90 min 119 €
Shibui 90 min 119 €
subliMYskin Diamond & Silver 90 min 139 €

ChromoAroma Treatment HA Hyaluronic Dehydration  

Is there an alternative to plastic surgery? Yes! The synergistic activity of the two main ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid and Commiphora Mukul, allows to absorb and hold firmly large quantities of water. This in order to fill the hypodermis, reduce wrinkles and prevent loss of elasticity and dullness.

VHA01 60 min 79 €
HA Anti-Ageing VHA02 90 min 119 €

Glycolic Acid 3D Lifting Light Petals Treatment  (anti-Ageing 50+)    

The high content of highly concentrated functional ingredients, including Goji berry and Apple extract, stimulates the activity of epidermal stem cells and protects them from environmental stress. A treatment that delays aging and allows cell renewal, to recover the radiance and brightness of your face.

90 min 139€

White Now Treatment, dark spots, anti-ageing 90 min  119€

Petali Di Luce PINK, anti-age 45 +, 90 min 139€

Mandelic Fruit Treatment for all skins, anti-ageing 45+, 90 min 139€

Ammata Spas´ Spa-Packages 

Ammata Balancing 90 min 139 €                                                                          
Back, Neck, Shoulder and Herbal Hot Compress
Indian Head Massage   

Sunshine Relax 90 min 129 €
Massage of back, neck and shoulders with oil
Herbal hotcompress
Facial Treatment (Mazia Clinic products)                                                                     

Ammata Relax 90 min 139€                                                                                   
Body Scrub and Body Mask
(Grapes and Apple, Marzia Clinic Products)
Aroma Therapy Oil Massage                                                                           

Dream Relax  90 min 129 €
Foot Relax Massage
Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage                                                                

Ammata Refreshing 90 min 139 €
Thai Sauna
Aroma Oil Massage                                                                                            

Heavenly Relax 
Aroma Oil Massage, Facial Treatment 120 min 149 €
Aroma Oil Massage, Facial Treatment 90 min 129 €

Jasbalance 120 min 179 €
Thai Sauna, Aroma oil massage,  Body Scrub and Body Mask
(Rice and Kiwi, Marzia Clinic products)                                                        

Full Spirit 90 min 129 €
Traditional Thai Massage
Indian Head Massage                                                                                      

Morning Fresh 150 min 199 €
Thai Sauna, Body Scrub and Mask
(Rice and Kiwi, Marzia Clinic Products)
Aroma Oil Massage                                                                            

Day Dream 90 min 139 €
Foot Relax Massage
Aromatic Hot Stone Massage                                                                          

Ammata Life 160 min 199 €
Body Scrub and Body Mask
(Coffee and Ginseng, Marzia Clinic Products)
Aroma Therapy Oil Massage
Facial Treatment                                                                                                

Golfers Heaven 90 min 139 €
Thai Herbal Hot Compress
Foot Relax Massage                                                                                          

Ammata Stress-Reducing 90 min 129 €
Aroma Massage
Indian Head Massage                                                                                        

Avoid eating two hours before a massage. 
Try to arrive 15 minutes before appointment time.
We appreciate if You take a shower before Your treatment.
Avoid eating four hours before a Zon Therapy 62 points treatment.

Prices include tax 24%